Pit-stop for blogging


The vicissitudes of the life, the overwhelming winter, the pressures of people – friendly or otherwise, have caused me to go into overload, to take my eye off the ball, or in this case, my focus off the blog. Like the notice in the door of our village shop occasionally, this is a coded one reading ‘ back in five mins’, or ’gone for lunch,’ or ‘bak sun’.

But since this blog is like an opportunity shop, with a ragbag of ideas and opinions strewn around ( probably second-hand), I invite any readers who stray into the op-shop to feel free to rifle through the shelves of old or pre-loved blogs if they have nothing better to do …

In Auckland in the late sixties, early seventies there was a Love Shop. One of my first assignments on arriving here in NZ, was to cover the closing down of the Love Shop. Queues of people lined the pavement outside to take for free, or in exchange for a metaphorical song, the odds and ends cluttering the shelves.  Similarly, if anyone strays into this little op-shop, they too are welcome to the pre-loved blogs lining the shelves of the archives…

Among my favourites were: ‘Precious Objects’, ‘Places in the Heart’ and ‘Storms of Delight’… though a real delight is when sometimes people write and tell me they’ve re-read an old blog.

So I will leave any stray readers/ shoppers who pop in, to roam through shelves of blogs from the past if they wish, while I hang up my notice – Bak (quite) Sun.


Food for thought

..” It is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top”…    Virginia Woolf


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13 responses to “Pit-stop for blogging

  1. I hope the absence is for pleasure Valerie and that Bak (quite) Sun means what it says.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. Stephanie

    Hope you have a restful time, know the feeling…sometimes we all need a break of indefinite length! xx


  3. I understand the need for breaks Valerie, but I do hope you will return. Your words, they always lift me up. Not to be selfish, I am certain I am only one of many who is lifted.


  4. talesfromtheconspiratum

    What a gorgeous garden, is it yours?


  5. Thank you so much – lovely that you noticed… all the pictures on my blog are of my house and garden… all I have to work with !!!!

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  6. Those vicissitudes can really grab a hold of one. Hard to shake them loose.


  7. I have been away from blogging for a few weeks (even a couple of months) over the summer to take on a de-cluttering project that was always in the horizon which seemed faraway. The horizon came this summer unexpectedly but with a calm determination that captured my attention. Ah, it was an adventure into the past for I have located photos that date back over 80 years. What stories lie in wait for me yet to uncover. I realized most of all that we all have a story, a song, a poem, a painting that must be fulfilled. These weeks have also given me a sense of what it means draw from where we came so that we may create a legacy that gives meaning to the next generation. We live in a complex world that demands our active participation. Yet, our first priority is to live our story. Take good care…


  8. It all sounds fascinating Rebecca.. will we see the fruits of your labours?
    Yes, I’m knee deep in that first priority you mention.. our own story… Mine feels like something between War and Peace, with a bit of Anna Karenina thrown in, and some Dr Zhivago to keep the whole thing on the boil !!!!


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