how to buy Valerie’s books and ebooks

How to buy “The Sound of  Water” and “Chasing the Dragon”.

The ebooks are available now on Smashwords

and on all platforms Smashwords distributes to (Apple, Barnes and Noble, etc);

and on Amazon Kindle:

The Sound of Water:

Chasing the Dragon:

Hard copies no longer available unless from second hand online sources like Amazon, Abe Books, or the Book Depository

Enquiries: contact Valerie Davies at:

Merlincourt Press,

15 Mahakirau Road RD1


New Zealand

15 responses to “how to buy Valerie’s books and ebooks

  1. Just bought “The Sound Of Water” (wonderful title!). Looking forward to reading it- especially as I love your writing style!


  2. Letizia,
    What a thrill to find your message. I’m so delighted as I really have no idea how to sell books on the internet. It’s gone well as a physical book, two people have come back and bought another six for their friends, and plenty of others have come back for another, but e-books are a new ball game for me.
    Glad you like the title, and thank you for your encouragement about my writing. I had such fun reading your blogs last night, and read aloud the glorious circle of books comments to my husband.
    Actually, I’d enjoy the writing of anyone who loves all dogs – we belong to the same club – and if someone is driving badly in front of me, and I suddenly see a tail waving – all is forgiven to a dog lover!


  3. Amy

    I just order the Sound of Water from Amazon!


  4. indiferent

    I will find the way to order your book. Seems so interesting. I’ll come back with my conclusions. Best wishes, Liana.


  5. My morning is well-started: I just ordered both of your books for my Kindle. I look forward to taking your words with me on our next trip, and to having more time to wander through your stories and thoughts. —Jadi


  6. Jadi,
    Thank you! Always good to know that people are interested. Are you off on another trip? I hope you’ll be taking us along with you. I loved reading your last one….and .hope you enjoy the books, best wishes, Valerie


  7. stacey

    Hello im wandering if you can help me please, if you can email me so I can give details.


    • Hello Stacey, I’m not sure what you want. You can buy my books on the internet through Amazon and Smashwords, and I think KIndle… but I wouldn’t know how to go about that. Or some people have asked me to send them the hardback copy, which I can do if you send me the postage and price of the book and your address…


  8. Dear Valerie,

    I just bought both of your books on Kindle. At first I was resistant on the issue of eBooks but find I like the convenience and the back-light when I read in bed. Ah the joys of technology ;). There’s a great joy and wonderment in owning books by authors I know in some capacity. I’m looking forward to a good read.




    • Dear Rochelle, how lovely that you wanted to read my books… do hope you enjoy them…
      Since someone liked in Italian on this blog, everything is now in Italian, so this reads ” responder al comentario”
      I am fighting despair, as I know I’ll never be able to figure out how to return to English, and do hope it isn’t spreading all over the blog like a plague – which it is !!!
      love Valerie


      • Dear Valerie,

        I’m sure I’ll enjoy the books as much as I enjoy your blog. I don’t know about the Italian part. As far as I can tell, everything’s still in English. A similar thing happened to me on Facebook when I inadvertently hit a wrong icon and changed almost everything to Thai. Seems that everyone else read me in English. After a few frustrating hours of pulling out my hair by the roots, I finally figured out the problem. I hope you will find the answers in your situation.
        Technology’s blessings come with attached curses, don’t they?




  9. Anonymous

    Hello, Valerie. I have just had Arrow Gate request my full m/s for my début novel. I would be grateful if we could make contact through my e-mail address as there are some matters which I hope you can assist with. It is:
    Look forward to hearing from you anon!
    Best wishes, Denis.


    • Good morning Denis,
      I ended my contract with Arrowgate four years ago as soon my book was published by them, before they had even sent me a proof copy of the book to approve. It had been sent to them completely edited, having been previously published and I was mortified when it was re-edited at Arrowgate by someone with no experience, and to my mind ruining it. And I had no opportunity to correct the mistakes made by this incompetent re-editing. How did you find me – are they still selling it? If so, I must see if there are any royalties !!!!
      Best wishes, Valerie


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