Readers’  Comments on ‘The Sound of Water’

” I”m feeling quite sad because I have eked out every page of your splendid book by reading as slowly as I know how, and can put off “finishing it” no longer. I’ve gone back and back to re-read many sections, for the pure joy of it. Soon, I’ll savour the treat of making the …. was it Lemon? cake. I might have to search through the book to find that recipe again. Aha! I’ll experience the joy of “having to search through the book” yet again.”

‘A sense of looking in to life rich in family and friends… wonderful descriptions of birds and animals, and flowers and food…  makes me feel more contemplative about the life I am living, which is a great gift from a writer to a reader’.

‘A truly descriptive and romantic writer’

‘laugh-out-loud-moments with your out –of –the side- of –the – mouth humour’.

‘Turns small experiences into gold.’

‘Loved the honesty and the humour’

‘a warm and elegant and intelligent writer’

6 responses to “Reviews

  1. Helen Eisenhofer

    Hello Valerie,
    It is wonderful to hear from you again and are fascinated about your life in the forest or bush? Looking forward to hearing more.


    • Dear Helen,
      How wonderful to hear from you, I lost all my e-mail addresses last year, when my computer collapsed taking everything with it…
      I’m now with gmail _ and would love it if you could write to me there, so we can catch up and I would have your e-mail address again…Much love to you both, Valerie


  2. Dear Valerie,
    It is so wonderful to hear from you again. Conservationists on Pohnpei Island, Federated States of Micronesia (look north from the east coast of Australia to 8 degrees above the equator) are now trying to stop two Chinese business men from harvesting all the sea cucumbers from the small atoll of Ngtik. Sea cucumbers reproduce very slowly. They are vital to the health of the ocean floor and the oceans. Thank you for the wonderful article on the frogs and geckos (I’m looking at one right now in my room), and also for your fascinating autobiography. I especially love reading your historical articles.


  3. Sandra, thank you so much for your wonderful comment… so many things there… first of all, how truly upsetting the raping of the sea bed for sea cucumbers, I do hope the conservationists fighting this destructive business venture are successful … How do we educate the whole world in the need for not just compassion, but common sense about our environment and the ecological chain?
    I’m so glad you enjoyed my story about the frogs and geckos in my little world … and it gave me a real kick to know you enjoyed my autobiography, thank you… as for history… it’s endlessly fascinating isn’t it…
    Wishing you (and the sea cucumbers) all the best, warmly, Valerie


  4. Anonymous

    Dear Valerie,
    I am Anne Camilleri’s daughter Fiona.
    She has been trying to get hold of you since March. But i think that there’s a problem with the email has for you.
    Could you please contact me
    Thanks and regards


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